Transfer Guest WiFi into a Powerful Marketing Tool

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“It’s crazy. You can actually see who is in your store, how long ago they came and how many times. Then you can even send them a message while you’re eating sticky rice in Thailand”

Donna J.


As as a business owner,  you may be interested to know how to keep and retarget your customers closer to your business.

You may provide them with quality goods and products but customer needs grow as you keep offering good service.

one of the many ways in promoting business is offering your customers free Wi-Fi in your shopping area.  In fact, Wi-Fi is something you wanted but in most cases it is not readily available.

According to Cisco 96% of consumers prefer to shop at stores that offer free Wi-Fi, and they are more likely to return. It will definitely enhance customer experience and social visibility especially for small businesses.

The excessive usage of mobile devices even by 2 years old child has led to excessive demand of Wi-Fi since access to internet has been emerged as basic need for most of smartphone users. Now, let’s return to concept of Wi-Fi marketing and define it.

What is Wi-Fi marketing?

Wi-Fi marketing is when business runners provide wireless internet access to shoppers and use it as way of communication with shoppers, promote services or products.

It is one of the ways embracing the digital world. The way it works is pretty easy.

Shoppers come to your store and join in-store Wi-Fi, as soon they join the network it redirects user to browser where the shoppers see terms of use, messages from the business owner including the link to get the internet access.

Getting access to internet needs to agree on terms of services and possibly entering email address or logging with social links …etc.

Having some sort of information about you, retailers’ / business owners can send future targeted messages to promote their business.

The benefits of social Wi-Fi marketing

There are plenty of reasons for businesses to use Wi-Fi marketing.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to use Wi-Fi marketing

Marketing campaign

As mentioned above customers love to stay connected to their socials, having free Wi-Fi means customers will stay connected to their socials and would have maximum possibility to get to know about your business.

As long as you have customers connected to your Wi-Fi you can receive data from them and build powerful customer relation management (CRM).

This can be achieved by letting users to login using their socials like Facebook. This will help you get the details about the right target audience interns of demographics, gender and age of customers to launch marketing campaigns. After the launching the campaign measure the effects of your marketing campaigns utilizing the targeted audiences in your Wi-Fi connected user’s database.

Collecting customer feedback

One of the best way to way to get customer feedback about the service provided by your business collecting surveys from customers connected to your Wi-Fi.  Surveys are an incredibly effective way to retarget  visitors, improve service, and learn more about what influences your customers. You can create customized surveys and send them automatically to targeted audience groups.

Why business should use Wi-Fi marketing

Social Wi-Fi marketing has advantages for both consumers and merchants. Let’s see from both sides.

Increased sales.

This is the main goal of retailers. Having more customers connected will help them driving sales

Understanding customers.

• Wi-Fi marketing helps a lot to get to know more about your customers. You can see insights and the demand of your customers and understand their shopping experience

Build customized audience.

Once you have some sort of information about your customers, you can understand their in-store or online behavior.


As long as you have social profiles/ email address of customers you can easily send them offers, coupons and promote products

Collecting Survey

Customer’s feedback has huge role in shaping retailer’s services. You can create customized surveys and send them automatically to targeted audience groups and shape your business according to customer’s feedback.

Build customer loyalty

Once you know about the interest of your customers, you will have the opportunity to keep loyal and trustworthy. Accepting review and feedbacks from them

“Social Wi-Fi Marketing”?

It has never been easier to create a market
to exact people you are looking for

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