Affordable Local SEO services

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.”– Anonymous


You’ve dreamt up a business, created a website, developed a business profile and now you need to attract local customers. Independent businesses are opening more than ever, how will you stand out from the local competition?

Search engine optimization helps customers nearby find your services right when they are looking for it.

On-Page SEO

When someone performs a Google search, Google will scan through websites to find the most relevant match. Your on-page SEO is how Google will know what your website is about. One of the most fundamental aspects of internet marketing is SEO, and you want to make it as easy as possible for Google to understand your website.

We use a set of tools to optimize the internal elements of your website to make them more search engine friendly. Some may resort to social media marketing to drive traffic, yet one of the biggest marketing mistakes would be to forget on-page SEO. It makes no sense to pay for clicks to your website if your website is super slow, for example.

Good on-page SEO is a collaboration of keywords, domain name, metadata, unique content, media alt tags/text, and specific landing
pages. The most successful marketing plan would be to combine all channels to work together. Only then will you appear on the top of Google results and turn web traffic into paying customers.

Link Building

Now that Google can read your website, it’s time to build authority and earn your rank. Link building is a major factor in how Google ranks your site. The more credible websites that are linked to your website, the more trust, and authority is given to your website.

You’ll find easy ways to link and manipulate linking, however, it can result in being deindexed (web pages or entire domains removed from search results). It is crucial to building healthy links from the beginning. We help you do just that.

Social Media

Although social media likes, comments, and shares don’t directly improve your Google ranking, they do, however, make your website more lucrative. We help develop social media profiles for your business to gain exposure and


You run a business, that doesn’t mean you write well. The content on your website is one of the most important components for SEO. There are tactics to it and ways to integrate particular keywords with certain headings. There is a formula to make it easy for Google to read. You want to make sure the content is high quality, fluent in English grammar, and unique.

Google crawls your website to understand it and you want to make it as easy as possible to read. This will give your site credibility and improve your ranking. We have content creators specific to this job.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

You’ve done all the necessary steps to build a credible website for your business, now it’s time to introduce yourself to Google and start tracking the performance of your site. Google Webmaster Tools are for measurable statistics that let you know who visits your site, how long they spent on your site, which keyword they used to find you, and so on. There are a number of helpful tools that scan your website performance, which allows us to take action where needed. To mention a few tools:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Sitemaps
  • URL Inspection
  • Mobile Usability

It can become overwhelming to create a website, business profiles, social media profiles, and track site performance. We have experts on the clock ready to handle all things related to Google. Leave the gritty work to us, so you can get back to running your business!

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